Historical Society

Corbin City is very fortunate to have a coterie of families who have been here for generations. Because the town is so small and is located in a rural area of Atlantic County, many people married and remained here.

The focus of our current efforts is to document the history of the everyday people in this little town. Through existing documents, we are striving to profile the day to day lives of past residents. We have collated and cataloged tax, school and weekly grocery records form the 1920’s, 30’s 40’s and 50’s to form a picture of who was here and how they lived. Through old tax and assessment records we have complied information about, and pictures of homes and business, some still here, some long gone.

But, perhaps most fun is conducting interviews with people whose families have been a part of this community for generations. We have recorded memories of folks whose first- hand accounts went back to the 1920’s as well as others who grew up during the depression and war years.


Information Needed

We would appreciate anyone who has information, pictures, or documents relating to Corbin City history contact us. Any original material would be copied for our files and returned to the owner. If you have an interest in working with the Corbin City Historic Society or history to share please contact the City Clerk at (609) 628-2673.